Action on High Road Crossing – Sunday 17th


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As part of the ongoing High Road crossing campaign, the whole church took part in an action on Sunday after our morning service, where we were joined by members of the local community and Councillor Makbule Gunes to demonstrate the need for a pedestrian crossing outside the Church.

The crossing on High Road, at the south side of the junction of Philip Lane and Monument Way, has been a cause of serious concern around the Tottenham Green area for the last 18 months since it was redesigned without a pedestrian crossing. There have been numerous accidents (most recently on 6th June this year) due to the lack of indication of when it is safe to cross. Despite campaigning, and presenting the problem to TfL at a meeting in June 2015, very little has been done to ensure the road is safer for pedestrians.

This Sunday saw the issue publicly readdressed by the community: real-life red and green people led a long procession out of Holy Trinity Church, which was then joined by other local residents, members of Holy Trinity Primary School, St Mark’s Methodist Church, High Cross URC, Friends of Tottenham Green and Our Tottenham, all of whom want to see a safer crossing installed.

We heard from Tola and Phoebe, two members of Holy Trinity’s Ambassadors group, (a group which has been focussing on ways the Church can be involved in local campaigns with Citizens UK) talk about their experience and views of the crossing. Councillor Gunes then addressed the crowd, speaking of the need for a properly-indicated staggered pedestrian crossing and a wider island in the middle of the road. A large group of people crossed the road several times and stood holding banners to emphasise the community’s demand.
Accompanying the action on Sunday, a video was also published to TfL’s Facebook and Twitter pages to show the range of people united in anger about their lack of action. A petition signed by Sunday’s campaigners along with a number of letters are on the way to TfL. We are expecting an article in the local press and will continue to campaign against TfL’s negligence of this issue which is a central concern for the community.
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Author: Rachel Cook

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