Discovering All Saints at Westminster Abbey

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This morning I turned on the radio, and heard the presenter say  that it was ‘Halloween Morning’.  I nearly choked on my cornflakes. Because of course, Halloween is ‘All Hallows Eve’, the night before ‘All Hallows’ or ‘All Saints’, when we remember all the Christian people who have gone before us and inspire us today. If we forget about All Saints, it’s a little like celebrating Christmas Eve, but never getting to Christmas!

Last week, we took a group of parents (and grandparents) and children to visit Westminster Abbey. There, we were able to find out more about the faithful men and women who are honoured in that place – especially the statues of 20th Century Martyrs who adorn the entrance. We were welcomed by the wonderful Grazyna from the education department, who showed us around and even gave us a chance to see the tomb of Edward the Confessor.

We got to try our hand at brass rubbing, and gathered in the Chapter House to take part in some storytelling, hearing unusual retellings of Bible Stores, and learning sign language and Cockney rhyming slang along the way! We had a moment to reflect on what it means to be a saint, and to remember that as Christians, we are all Saints!

Author: Matthew Creber

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