Parish Fundraising Workshop – Monday 3rd Oct

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We’re delighted to be hosting a ‘Parish Fundraising Workshop’ for the Edmonton area on 3 October 2016. Fundraising can be challenging, and this will be a great way to learn from experienced members of the team in our diocese how we can find new ways to raise money for the activities we’re doing and that we’d like to do.
Join us for an evening of expert advice which will:
·      Inspire you to look differently at how you fundraise in your parish.
·      Provide you with information on how to run a successful parish capital campaign.
·      Explain how to launch a legacy campaign in your church.
·      Share good fundraising techniques across the Diocese of London.
·      Offer 1-1 sessions (from 6-7pm in advance of the main workshop) with our fundraising team or your Finance Adviser.
More information can be found on the flyer attached.
Anyone interested in attending should book their place in advance by visiting Click on the image above for more details!
Author: Matthew Creber

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