Pray for South Sudan

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Christian Aid is asking us to say prayers for South Sudan.

The full plea, made in a letter, from our  Christian Aid contact Frances Reynolds reads:

After two years of conflict resulting in mass displacement, human rights abuses, and a humanitarian crisis, communities in South Sudan are now at breaking point.

Disrupted harvests and rises in food and fuel prices have compounded the situation as people in the worst affected areas now face severe hunger. Experts say there is a ‘concrete risk of famine occurring before Christmas’ (IPC) unless urgent and immediate humanitarian assistance is provided.

Latest figures show that the situation in South Sudan has seriously deteriorated, with 3.9 million people in need of urgent support. The alert from the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) states that in some areas the situation has reached ‘catastrophic’ and ‘emergency’ levels.

For more information, please see our press release. Our partners are working hard, supplying fast-maturing vegetable seeds, fishing nets and water purification tablets. To prevent the spread of disease, we are also distributing hygiene kits, which include soap, sanitary products, jerry cans for transporting and storing water, and mosquito nets.

Here, again, is the link to some prayers which you may use as part of your devotions and throughout the day, especially if you are meeting with friends or other communities.




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