Writing to TFL about the High Road Crossing

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On the Holy Trinity Ambassadors Course, we have been considering how we can respond to the needs we see around us in our community.

We know that many people are concerned about the crossing on Tottenham High Road. Last year, a number of local residents, along with the area assembly member, deputy leader of the council and local councillor, met with TFL to highlight our concerns.

After some consideration, TFL indicated that they could not make significant changes, but made some small adjustments to timings etc. We do not feel that these changes have adequately improved the safety of the crossing.

We understand that TFL are currently conducting a review. Part of this review will include consideration of correspondence received from local residents and road-users.

So please take some time to write a letter, expressing your concern. I have included below a summary of the key points for you to include:

  • The point of contact at TFL is Graham Nash, who is the ‘Sponsorship Manager’.
  • The crossing on Tottenham High Road is unsafe, especially for children, elderly and those with disabilities.
  • This crossing is in an important point for those accessing a range of facilities in the local area, including two primary schools, the leisure centre, several churches, as well as regular events on Tottenham Green such as the weekly market.
  • There was another accident on Monday 6th June, in which a woman was seriously injured.
  • TFL met with a number of community, council and GLA representatives in June 2015.
  • We are unhappy with their response, and urge them to consider alternative options for the sake of all road users.
  • We would like to see a staggered Puffin crossing, which gives pedestrians adequate time to cross the road.
  • We would like to see a widened island for pedestrians who are ‘waiting’ between southbound and northbound traffic.

Please follow this link to a ‘Letter for TFL‘ to see a letter I have written as an example.

Once you have written your letter, please bring it to The Wellside, at Holy Trinity Church. We will gather all the letters together and deliver them at once.



Author: Matthew Creber

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