Message on First Anniversary of ‘Lockdown.’

http://simp.ly/publish/GByMtW This Tuesday in Passiontide – the 23rd day of March 2021, marks exactly a year since the start of public health restrictions on what we now wistfully refer to as ‘normal life.’ The severe restrictions have affected our ability to gather in a church building to worship safely. The rules have imposed a ‘sacramental…

Talk on Humility

Talk on Christian Value of Humility: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1hjchntar3v3xdk/Holy%20Trinity%20School%20Sermon.mp4?dl=0

Getting past pandemic Isolation

https://youtu.be/nGrVbzIC1gM – Thomas Hewitt-Jones, sung by the Choir of Royal Holloway. “God help us to feel connected to and enjoy creative ways of engaging with family, friends, and community despite the physical distance imposed on us by the pandemic.”