LiveLent reflections: Day twenty-eight – I am the Good Shepherd

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#LiveLent reflections: Day twenty-eight – I am the Good Shepherd

Read – John 10.11-18

I am, Jesus says, for the fourth time. A good shepherd cares for his sheep because he has invested his life in them, unlike the one merely hired to look after them.

He knows his sheep and they know him. His care is personal, based on a relationship of love and trust.

The Good Shepherd will do anything for their protection and well-being, even giving his own life.

It’s a poignant, powerful image which begins to point us to Holy Week and the journey the Good Shepherd takes for his sheep.


In what do you invest your life? For what or whom would you lay down your life? Christ laid down his life for you – what, then, is your value?


Invest a little time in silence and solitude today and let God speak to you about your true worth. Pray for those who look to you to shepherd them.


Make time today to care for someone, friend or stranger, with tenderness and goodness. Invest your love and time in them.
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