LiveLent reflections: Day Twenty-five – Sight

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#LiveLent reflections: Day Twenty-five – Sight

Read – John 9.1-12

This week’s reflections have centred on aspects of being set free. Anger, fear and sin giving way to light, truth, love and forgiveness.

For John, the great theme is sight. What makes us spiritually ‘blind’ and who enables us to see? What pushes us to live in darkness and who brings us into the light?

It is brought together in this story of the man who had been blind from birth, and the ensuing debate between Jesus and the religious leaders.

The blind man, unnoticed and ignored by many, is seen by Jesus. With mud and water, through touch and love, by the power of God, Jesus heals him.

He sees. We see.


What blind spots are there in your life? What might the light of Christ enable and encourage you to see?


Ask God to help you see, more clearly, the beauty and the needs around you, and the goodness and the muddle within you, and God in it all.


Make time today to see someone, or a tricky situation, in a new way. Let God use that new perspective to help you make a difference.
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