LiveLent reflections: Day twenty-seven – Abundantly

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#LiveLent reflections: Day twenty-seven – Abundantly

Read – John 10.10

At the centre of the Gospel of John is this verse that goes to the heart of the Good News of Jesus.

Jesus is Good News for the world and for your friends because he came to enable all people to have life, not just some and not just a half-life. Abundant life. For all.

Jesus’ most strongly worded conversations were with religious leaders. Too often the effect of their teaching and demands on others was to stifle, restrict and burden.

This angered Jesus because that religious expression misrepresented God whose deepest desire for us, and his great gift to us, is life. Life in all its fullness.


Take time today…to consider the things that restrict you and prevent you from living life to the full. What is their root and what is their effect?


Ask God to help you to be free to live his abundant life. Pray for those you know whose lives are burdened or restricted, or who struggle to receive God’s gift of life.


Make time today for a bit of joyful extravagance! Live life to the full. Perhaps have a party, invite some friends and perhaps even some you don’t yet know well.
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