LiveLent reflections: Day twenty-six – I am the gate

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#LiveLent reflections: Day twenty-six – I am the gate

Read – John 10.1-9

I am, Jesus says, for the third time. A shepherd guards the entrance to the sheep fold. My body is the door. I am the gate.

It’s an image of protection; there is safety to be found in Jesus.
It’s an image of provision, there is nourishment to be found through Jesus.

It’s an image of personal, costly commitment.

Jesus the gate, like the mothers we celebrate today, protects and provides for us with love that is willing to put itself between us and danger.


What or who offers you security? Where does your life find its nourishment? How would you say Jesus meets these needs in you?


Pray for all who do not know today the love and protection of a mother or another carer. Pray for those God has given you to guard and provide for.


Make time today for the most vulnerable people in society: refugees, homeless people, the exploited, the very young, the old. Do something practical.
Author: AsojuWeb