Thoughts on Ascension Day – 13.05.2021.

http://simp.ly/publish/m1BPQc In the final movement of his 9th and final symphony, the great musical maestro Beethoven gives an arresting musical expression to the glorious and eternal vision of God’s Kingdom that is the goal of our Christian faith. Today, Ascension Day highlights the pull of that vision on our everyday life as the Church –…

The C. S. Lewis Podcast

https://www.premierchristianradio.com/Shows/Weekday/The-C.S.-Lewis-podcast A weekly podcast with Professor Alister McGrathexploring C.S. Lewis’ thought, theology and teaching.


This is a link to a Church of England Podcast on – “PRAYER: Where to Start and How to keep Going.” https://cofe-prayer.captivate.fm/

The Late Lily Broughton

The late Lily Broughton was a quiet but friendly person who got on well with everyone. Lily came to faith as an adult. She was confirmed here in the late 90s. She settled into worship life here and made friends among the congregation. She was a founding member of the Gospel Choir. Her passion for…

Funeral Address: Eileen Begley

 Eileen had a quiet demeanour but was friendly and pleasant once you got to know her. She enjoyed socialising with her friends and many of her neighbours with whom she had built a strong bond and close relationship.  As a member of her OAP club at Tottenham Green, she enjoyed playing bingo, quizzes, and day trips…

Message on First Anniversary of ‘Lockdown.’

http://simp.ly/publish/GByMtW This Tuesday in Passiontide – the 23rd day of March 2021, marks exactly a year since the start of public health restrictions on what we now wistfully refer to as ‘normal life.’ The severe restrictions have affected our ability to gather in a church building to worship safely. The rules have imposed a ‘sacramental…

Talk on Humility

Talk on Christian Value of Humility: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1hjchntar3v3xdk/Holy%20Trinity%20School%20Sermon.mp4?dl=0