Holy Trinity Ambassadors

The North American Pastor and best selling Christian writer Carey Nieuwholf made the following insightful comment:

“You can’t be a disciple without being an evangelist… You can’t be an evangelist without being a disciple.”

Carey Nieuwholf

Holy Trinity Ambassadors is a series of events are designed to help us learn/grow to be both Evangelists and Disciples, and to discover how our faith ties with social action in our community.

Developed in collaboration with North London Citizens, the content is both meaningful and practical, wrestling with questions like:

  • ‘What is God’s Mission?’
  • ‘How does ‘mission’ at Holy Trinity, fit into and /or grow from God’s Mission?’
  • ‘If as Jesus says, the “Kingdom of God’ has “come to us”, is “near us,” then:
    – ‘How do we appreciate it?’
    – ‘How do we grasp it for ourselves and for our communities?’

We also take part in exercises which help us communicate effectively with ‘others around us.’,  going out to discover/meet people in our community.

To achieve these, participants are introduced to the tools of the ‘121 conversation exercises’ and encouraged to engage in some of the community justice campaigns we share with other member institutions of the Citizens Network in Haringey.

The training has been put together as part of Holy Trinity, Tottenham’s response to the Capital Vision 2020 initiative of the London Diocese, and through it we hope to make Confident, Compassionate and Creative Ambassadors.

The aim of these monthly events at the Old School House, is to help both those with whom we engage and ourselves come to the threshold of Discipleship.

“letting people see what a difference being a Christian would be to their lives.”


The meetings are open to all, and are held from 10:30 am on the third Saturday of every month.