Wellside Kids

An exciting club for children in Years 5&6 at Holy Trinity School. We meet weekly after school for fun games, energetic activities and creative experiences!
We believe that every child is created in the Image of God, and will provide an environment in which they can develop and flourish. We celebrate diversity in our community, and welcome children from all faith backgrounds and none.
Every week we’ll be doing a different activity, including: Crafts, Cookery, Sports, Drama and Much more!
We will explore themes around these issues, and how these relate to Christian values such as: Love, Friendship, Generosity, Peace, Justice and Community.
From time to time, there will be visits to exciting and fun places. It might be a special activity, a visit to somewhere interesting or unusual. It might even be a residential weekend out of the city!
Whatever we’re doing, we’ll keep it hands-on, engaging and fun!
What do we believe?
Hosted by Holy Trinity Church, Wellside Kids is part of our mission to care for our community, celebrating diversity and demonstrating the love of Christ through service to our neighbours.
Working together with Holy Trinity School, we value every aspect of a child’s development – intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional.
The group provides a chance for children to take part in new experiences and to find out more about the world around them.
We are committed to supporting our local community, and want to encourage young people to do the same. We work in partnership with London Citizens to provide opportunities for children to make Tottenham a safe and happy place to grow up through projects such as the “CitySafe” scheme.