Marion Ben- Acquah (rip)

Re: Marion Ben- Acquah (deceased 26th January 20221) Dear Church, The untimely death of Marion Ben-Acquah, our beloved sister in Christ, has cast a great shadow over our common life. We are all rightly angered by the means death has chosen to swing his scythe across communities in this pandemic. Marion was a special person….

Order of Service – (Epiphany) Sunday 03 January 2021

https://1drv.ms/w/s!AvEgUjlune3Wgdl_aNR7eUSthG7ZdA Join us at worship on this First Sunday of the year. This Service includes an Act of Renewal of the Covenant. We start the year with a reminder that: “prayer arises, if at all, from incompetence, (that it is) our sense of incompleteness that drives us to God.” – Therese of Lisieux.”

Service of Holy Communion (Epiphany) Sunday 03 January 2021

*Holy Trinity Tottenham* invite you to *”Virtually join”* us at the Vicarage for a *Service of Holy Communion* (Epiphany) Date & Time: *3rd January 2021 at 10:00 (GMT)*   *To join using the link* https://zoom.us/j/98519556973?pwd=WTNyT3QvZDBoRXN4Y0Q0TmVRd1ArUT09   *Meeting ID:* 98519556973 *Passcode:* 504260 *To join using a telephone or mobile* Dial any of the numbers below and follow the instructions…

Happy New Year

In an age where many will harbour daily doubt and journey in fear. We will keep faith in Him. In a world where manyi walk alone. We have Emmanuel for company. In a world where many lack and go without, We have the assurance of Him as our bread and drink of life. In an…