Marion Ben- Acquah (rip)

Re: Marion Ben- Acquah (deceased 26th January 20221)

Dear Church,

The untimely death of Marion Ben-Acquah, our beloved sister in Christ, has cast a great shadow over our common life. We are all rightly angered by the means death has chosen to swing his scythe across communities in this pandemic.

Marion was a special person.

She was (as appropriate to your circumstance), an embodiment of the reliable sister, prayer warrior, daughter, mother and confessor.

Marion, was a source of strength for all who knew her.

Everyone who met her soon knew they’d gained a true friend, one who would look out for you and your well-being.

Marion always had time for you.

Behind her glasses, her doey eyes bellied a talented singer, woman of quick wit, of tremendous fun and determination for the flourishing of God’s Kingdom here among us at Holy Trinity, Tottenham.

Yes, Marion was our own ‘honest Nate’‘ a child of God in whom there was ‘no guile.’

Marion was the incomparable planner, host and diligent Chef at several Parish Harvest Lunches and at the annual ‘Summer at the Wellside’ events.

For her week long services, she genuinely avoided (even resented) any plaudits. She equally made no song and dance about her choral abilities.

Often times, as we recite the payer at the preparation of the table at Holy Communion it is almost invariably Marion’s vision that is conjured up for me and her voice that pierces into my mind’s ear saying the lines “Yours Lord is the greatness, … for everything belongs to you and of your own do we give you.”

Marion didn’t have much. But her heart was big and it belonged to the Lord. What is remarkable is that she matched that with a willingness to serve others with it, gladly.

Aunty Happy,’ was her moniker with many of the children in church. What a tribute!

They will miss her very much, as will the Choir, the Sunday School Team, the Foodbank Team, my family at the Vicarage and the many groups of women in Church.

Many of you will be aware that her immediate family are in Ghana.

And with Uncle Joe, (Marion’s partner) himself, in hospital at this time – the immediate burden of attending to Marion’s body has fallen to her cousin Charlotte.

Charlotte, is herself a friend of the Church. In all of the cooking efforts for us at the Summer events and at Harvest, Charlotte was Marion’s sous-chef.

So, let us pray for Charlotte, and for ourselves as a church not only to be comforted, but to be blessed with courage and capacity for the passion we must now take up for Marion.

As we pray, let us give thanks for all the goodness of God that we have received through her partnership with us in God’s Mission.

Ask for the assurance of God’s comforting presence to overwhelm us a as a church community and especially for the mystery of Christ as “the resurrection and the life, to be revealed in a meaningful way to her family and relatives, including our own Helena Ackah.

We will, as soon as public health regulations allow, hold a fitting memorial service for her at Church. But first, our immediate consideration must be the practical one of ensuring Marion’s body is laid to rest in peace.

Finally, let us join together in the timeless prayer of the Church for all faithful departed:

God grant eternal rest to our departed Marion. And let light perpetual shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.

May the good Lord continually strengthen and comfort us and all her family and friends.

Fr Bùnmi (Vicar)

Thursday, 27th January 2021