“By faith…” – a call to intimacy with God.

http://simp.ly/publish/1Xd9Jz “Indeed, this call to intimacy is really what the Letter to the Hebrews asks us to focus upon. It points to the power of faith in the lives of those the 11th chapter lists in God’s Hall of Faith. It suggests they all placed their purpose in the crucible of faith.“

A Christmas Message from Bishop Sarah

“… We are what we give, and some gifts are much more valuable than others. Kindness, gentleness, respect, openness, love and honesty are in a different league of value to the kinds of possessions we will spend our time accumulating – albeit gratefully – this Christmas. I am very grateful for the gifts you give,…

Masters of the Christmas Carol

The BBC introduces us to two of the “ world’s most successful, and most-performed, living composers” of Christmas Carol music ahead of their concert –Christmas Carols with Bob Chilcott and John Rutter – at the Barbican on Saturday 15.xii.2018. A recording of the concert will be broadcast later on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Sounds. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-46553604

The Holy Trinity

The great church feast of The Most Holy Trinity that has been described as a “heavenly feast with a hellish twist.” That apt description is well illustrated by the following story: Once there was an elderly man, and one evening he was taking his usual walk. He was enjoying the crisp night air and the…

Sermon Trinity Sunday 25.v.2018

Readings: Isaiah 6.1–8; Psalm 29; Romans 8.12–17; John 3.1–17 In the dead of our nighttime we are often led to think deeply about our situation. Those moments when we get to see ourselves that much clearer than the glare of our daytime lives, the stars (bright lights) of our achievements allow. Suddenly, a few bright…