Funeral Address: Eileen Begley

Eileen had a quiet demeanour but was friendly and pleasant once you got to know her. She enjoyed socialising with her friends and many of her neighbours with whom she had built a strong bond and close relationship. 

As a member of her OAP club at Tottenham Green, she enjoyed playing bingo, quizzes, and day trips out, especially to the coasts during the summer, particularly Brighton, Clacton, Market and Isle of Wight. 

Eileen was a long-standing member of Holy Trinity, Tottenham.

She was confirmed here as an adult. She joined the church in response to the church, comforting her in the wake of Bill, her husband’s death.

For over two decades, she played various roles in the life of our church. Foremost was a period serving on the PCC.

Eileen was a founding member of the Line Dancing group, which met regularly on Fridays, often in a cold church hall. But she and her friends warmed us up with gallons of tea and great bakes.

And, if as Vicar, I had had a good run for the year, I would be treated to a good pub lunch at Christmas.

Eileen also led various activities with her friends at Church.

She helped to organise church fetes and always ran the bric-à-brac stall with her dearly departed friend Joy.

She loved helping out after church on Sundays, serving tea, coffee and cakes in the church hall and catching up with her friends. 

Her two nephews were always brought up in conversations. She loved spending time with them. 

She was a member of the Woman’s Land Army (Land Girls as they were called). She spoke fondly of this period in her life. She treasured memories of her time working on farms with her longtime friend, Joy.

Over the last year, she was housebound due to mobility issues and more so when she had a fall and hurt her leg during the lockdown. She hated the lockdown and was looking forward to having more visitors once it ended. Despite the isolation, she often found the time to ring her friends for catch-ups; and regularly phoned her close friend, the late Ruby Murray, especially during her illness.

I know she would like me to thank her friends and neighbours who looked after her with great devotion.

Foremost among them is Wendy. She would be thrilled that you read the only scripture passage here today.

Others in no particular order or signal of merit are:

Gordon, Max and family.

Tia, Steve and mum& dad.

Jamal , Saleha and family.

Maria and family.

Ahmed family.

Dorea – carer

Tracey – hairdresser (of many years).

Jana – cleaner

Ola and family


You all were salt of the earth to her.

We will miss Eileen, but we trust as our scripture assured us that for her, all is well.

Therefore, we must not let our hearts be troubled; neither shall we be afraid. She believed in Jesus – who is God’s agent of love and the assurance of peace to all humanity.